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Kindness Rocks

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Promoting Kindness One Rock at a Time

Quartzsite, Arizona ~ The Rock Capital of the World

Promoting Kindness One Rock at a Time


We could all use a little bit of KINDNESS in our world today!

My hope is that by sharing Kindness Rocks around Quartzsite,

people who find them

will be uplifted and will want to spread the kindness to others.



Inspire others

GOAL #2:

Recruit everyone who stumbles upon the rocks to join the pursuit of inspiring others

through small acts of kindness!

Paint rocks with inspiring phrases and spread them around Quartzsite and surrounding areas.


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Quartzsite Rocks

Facebook Group



I was introduced to The Kindness Rocks Project a couple of years ago.

The project inspired me, especially since kids and adults been painting rocks at

Quartzsite's 4th of July Party in the Park and other summer events for many years. 

Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite purchased the paints and brushes many of the events. 

The fall of 2016 Kindness Rocks painted at the Labor Day event were placed at

1240 W. Main Street, between the new Quartzsite Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism & Hardies Beads & Jewelry, across from McDonald's.

The rocks were surrounded by beautiful rose quartz. 

In addition to the Main Street location, people are painting Kindness Rocks and hiding them around town. Folks are encouraged to join the Facebook Group and share your photos of the rocks when you find them. Join in the fun and spread some Kindness. 



Shanana Rain Golden-Bear


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